Autoimmune Diseases Wikispace Project

Each student will select an autoimmune disease at random to allow fairness between the two classes. Each student will then design a wikipage about the disease chosen. This wikipage should be a descriptive, informational page providing detail about who is affected, what the disease is, where and how it affects the body, and when the disease presents itself. The page will also supply other interesting facts about the disease, treatment, or changes in lifestyle.

Each student may lay out their page to their liking, and include pictures, images, etc. to add to the detail of their page. In addition to this, students may include links to external sites that will provide the user with an alternate place to get information pertaining to the disease.

All information presented within the wiki must have a source (citation) listed at the end of the information. A minimum of three sources must be used in the completion of the page. You may not use Wikipedia as a citation since it too can be edited by users, and the information presented may not be entirely accurate. There is a list of websites at the bottom of this page that may be useful in obtaining information.

Each student will post a question on the discussion forum page related to the disease. This question should be opinion based so that the answers posted can vary, and students can present their answer with insight they gained from reading and visiting the webpage. Basically, this means there is no right or wrong answer. Each student will need to visit three other pages and respond to the forum question.